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Arp300 | by geckzilla
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A spiral galaxy, an edge-on disk, a few other background goodies, and a remarkable pair of dwarf galaxies. The bright pair near the right side of the frame could be an interacting pair, or, interestingly perhaps an overlapping line-of-sight pair, though I really have no way of confirming that. Pay close attention to the reddish/yellowish dust around that bright nucleus at the bottom. See how it encircles the nucleus without looking all that disturbed? Maybe they aren't interacting. Or maybe if they are, it's at an early point. Either way, it's very interesting to see backlit dust in the outskirts of a galaxy. It's usually invisible to us at these wavelengths.


Color comes from PanSTARRS this time.


Establishing HST's Low Redshift Archive of Interacting Systems


Luminosity: ACS/WFC F606W

Red: PanSTARRS z

Green: PanSTARRS i

Blue: PanSTARRS g


North is 24.50° clockwise from up.

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Uploaded on February 23, 2019