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Jupiter Full Rotation (OPAL Cycle 24)

This is a 3d rendering of Jupiter using OPAL data mapped to a Jupiter-shaped spheroid. I was careful to map the cloud bands accurately to the correct latitude. I also tried to replicate some of the effects of peering at Jupiter through the Hubble telescope by using a few shader hacks in Blender. The result appears fairly realistic.


We are looking at Jupiter at an inclination of -3°, so if you feel that you can see a little more of the southern pole than the northern, that is why. I don't know the exact inclination with respect to HST at the time, but when I matched it to single exposure observations, somewhere around 2-4° seemed about right. The phase angle was 1° at the time so solar illumination is almost straight on.


This animation represents Jupiter as it appeared around 2017 April.


A link to the OPAL maps is here:


Red: WFC3/UVIS F631N

Green: WFC3/UVIS F502N

Blue: WFC3/UVIS 395N


North is not up, but Jupiter's north pole is.

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Uploaded on November 5, 2018