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Active Nucleus of NGC 5643 | by geckzilla
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Active Nucleus of NGC 5643

This image is intended to show the details around the central black hole of NGC 5643. Visible in blueish hues is a cone of light emanating from the bright nucleus. Though black holes are known for being so massive that not even light can escape them, they also power processes around them that create some of the brightest phenomena known to astronomers. This light is so intense that it is causing gas to glow many hundreds of light years away from the black hole. The disk of the galaxy is obscuring the rear facing cone of light, but I think I see a little bit of blue peeking out at the upper right.


Peter Maksym's narrowband data coming out of its proprietary period at the end of 2018 should allow for an even clearer, more stunning image to be created. Funny enough, most of the data comprising this image were taken a few months afterward, but Adam Riess's observations have no proprietary period for reasons that are not totally clear to me.


An image showing a much wider view of the galaxy is available here:


Data from the following proposals were used to compose this image:

The Hubble Constant to 1%: Physics beyond LambdaCDM

The Fueling of Active Nuclei: Why are Active Galaxies Active?


Red: WFC3/IR F160W

Green: WFC3/UVIS F814W

Blue: WFC3/UVIS F555W


North is NOT up. It is 31.91° counter-clockwise from up.

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Uploaded on March 20, 2018