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A Butterfly's View of Saturn | by geckzilla
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A Butterfly's View of Saturn

Inspired by Dr. Heidi B. Hammel's description of my previous blue+near-uv image as being sort of a butterfly's eye view of the planet. Butterflies can see red and green too, though, so I added those filters to the image, and it turns out like this. The rings are darker relative to the planet in near-uv, so in the resulting image they look almost golden. Conversely, the planet itself is also relatively brighter in blue and near-uv, which leads to this pleasantly blue, pink, and purple appearance.


The planet rotated considerably between exposures, but most of Saturn's cloud bands have so little detail and are uniform enough that not a lot needs to be done to compensate for that. The two clouds near the north pole had to be aligned separately. I couldn't do anything for the hexagon, but it doesn't suffer much from the epochal disparity.


Red: WFC/UVIS F763M (idg242qgq)

Green: WFC3/UVIS F502N + WFC/UVIS F467M + WFC/UVIS F343N (idg242q5q, idg242qhq, idg242qlq)

Blue: WFC/UVIS F467M + WFC/UVIS F343N + WFC/UVIS F275W + WFC/UVIS F225W (idg242qhq, idg242qlq, idg242qkq, idg242qmq)

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Uploaded on May 8, 2019