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ARP245 | by geckzilla
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A look at the tidal interaction between NGC 2993 (left) and NGC 2992 (right). It's hard to make out, but I can just barely see slender streams and clumps in the fuzzy, faint bridge between the galaxies. The whole visible system extends quite a bit outside of the frame, and an interesting clump near NGC 2992 can be seen in this photo from Adam Block:


I would expect the brighter galaxy to be more massive, but it appears to be falling into the dimmer one. Then again, I could easily be misreading it, and gravity is not necessarily intuitive at a galactic scale.


On top of the usual processing involving getting rid of cosmic rays, I also tried to alleviate some of the distracting bias stripes that were making the bridge details harder to see by simply lightening and darkening the appropriate parts by hand.


Color comes from PanSTARRS this time.


Establishing HST's Low Redshift Archive of Interacting Systems


Luminosity: ACS/WFC F606W

Red: PanSTARRS z

Green: PanSTARRS i

Blue: PanSTARRS g


North is 20.29° clockwise from up.

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Uploaded on February 20, 2019