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UGCA 292 (CVn I dwA) | by geckzilla
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UGCA 292 (CVn I dwA)

An extremely metal-poor dwarf galaxy located relatively nearby in the Canes Venatici constellation. It lies around 44 arcminutes west of the Whale Galaxy. Hubble is great for resolving individual stars in these tiny, nearby galaxies. A bright, whiteish foreground star from our own Milky Way appears just left and below center, while a much larger elliptical galaxy lies far in the background near the top of the frame. Numerous other distant galaxies also dot the background.


This object is not to be confused with Canes Venatici I (CVn I dSph) which is actually a known satellite of the Milky Way. These are named ambiguously, and it's annoying.


This was put together using some custom drizzled data made by Meredith Durbin, attribution as follows:

NASA/ESA/Meredith Durbin/Judy Schmidt


Two more of Julianne Dalcanton's proposals were responsible for the observations that resulted in this image:

ACS Nearby Galaxy Survey

A Calibration Database for Stellar Models of Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars


Red: WFC3/IR F110W+WFC3/IR F160W

Red-Orange: ACS/WFC F814W

Green: ACS/WFC F606W

Blue: ACS/WFC F475W


North is 32.02° clockwise from up.

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Uploaded on February 24, 2019