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Grand Stellar Nursery NGC 604 | by geckzilla
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Grand Stellar Nursery NGC 604

Finally decided to stop frustrating myself with some 3D galaxy illustrations and got back to some Hubble processing I've been meaning to do for a while now. Last year, HST finished the PHAT survey of nearby galaxy M33, or the Triangulum galaxy. There are massive mosaics of this available, but the survey also enabled me to create a much more complete image of a nebula which is of particular interest. Let me just quote from Wikipedia since the sentence is so evocative already:


"It is over 6,300 times more luminous than the Orion Nebula, and if it were at the same distance it would outshine Venus."


Impressive as it is, the Orion Nebula can't compete with NGC 604. Orion is just lucky to be so close to us. NGC 604 is where the star-formation party is really at. It only takes a few million years for light from this cosmic rave party to reach us.


Note that the PHAT data alone wasn't enough to make this image. I went back and made use of older WFPC2/WFC data to really make this cloud of gas pop in bright pink colors. Otherwise it would have looked blueish since the nebula is most apparent within the F475W observations.


This image was made possible by the following Hubble programs:

A Legacy Imaging Survey of M33.

WFPC Augmentation - NGC 604 and M16 - Cycle 4 and Future-Cycle Contination

Stellar Populations in Local Group Galaxies (WC13): Cycle 4

Giant H II Regions and the Connection with Starbursts and Diffuse Ionized Gas


PHAT data:

Red: WFC3/IR F160W

Yellow-Green: ACS/WFC F814W

Cyan: ACS/WFC F475W

Blue: WFC3/UVIS F336W


WFPC2/WFC data:

F673N, F658N, and F656N combined together into a pinkish "screen" layer


North is NOT up. It is 90° clockwise from up.

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Uploaded on January 14, 2019