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HH 1-2 | by geckzilla
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HH 1-2

Herbig-Haro objects 1 & 2 in narrowband near-infrared, narrowband visible, and a single old wideband red filter. This is a complicated mess that I admit to taking a lot of artistic liberty with. Part of the reason for this being that the jets were moving, and I not only shifted the individual moving parts around from the near-infrared epoch to match the visible epoch, I also completely deleted the moving parts from the wideband filter (imaged 20 years ago).


I felt that this combination of filters created the most compelling version of the image. It is a noise-ridden, resolution-mismatched mess up close, but I sure do enjoy it scaled down. It probably looks fine in the gallery here, but is kind of painful to look at up close. You have been warned.


The infrared data comprising the red component of this image was taken only two days ago. It's awesome! This is another dataset that was released immediately to the public due to it being part of some pre-JWST observations. Later on, we'll get to compare these to what JWST will see. I sincerely hope the views of this live up to the hype. I think it will. There were a lot of gaps in data coverage, but they were in mostly dark areas of the image that I kind of lightly smoothed out the edges to make them unobtrusive.


This image is possible thanks to the following HST Proposals:

Probing jets from young embedded sources

Structure, Excitation, and Evolution of Shocks: A Multi- Wavelength Study of Herbig-Haro 1/2

Stellar Formation and Evolution (WC14): Cycle 4


White "screen" layer: WFPC2/WF F702W

Red: WFC3/IR F167N+F164N+F130N+F126N

Green: WFC3/UVIS F673N+F656N+F631N

Blue: WFC3/UVIS F502N+F487N+F373N


North is NOT up. It is 26.47° clockwise from up.

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Uploaded on January 23, 2019