Work update - spring/summer 2016
Wangdrak Rinpoche recently returned to Nangchen after his teaching tour in Australia. He first visited the Yushu orphans and gave them new shoes and clothing for summer ahead. Next he met with Gebchak's managing nuns in Nangchen town to shop for blankets and food supplies to last the next several months at the Nunnery. These supplies are transported from Nangchen town by lorry to Gebchak Nunnery, a journey that takes 7 hours. Notice the many cabbages purchased. These last for many months in the chilly, high altitude climate at Gebchak Nunnery. Since visiting Gebchak, Wangdrak Rinpoche has been hard at work constructing retreat houses and a road at Dongtsang Ritro, his meditation hermitage near Nangchen town.
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