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October 31-November 1st (also called Halloween, All Hollows Eve,Hallowmasy, Day of the Dead). Samhain has come to be known as the "witches new year", so we weill start with Samharain, through the wheel is cycle and ever turning, without a definitive starting point. This holisday is one of the most important and revered in the Wiccan calander. In an agariean society, this is the time of year (depeinding on the local climate) when farmers culled the herbs, slaughtering the excess livestock and saving the best breeding stock. It is therefore occasionally also callled the Blood Harvest. The grain harvest was in and farmers were able to acdurately asses how many animals they could reasonably feed throught the winter. They also knew how many people they could feed. The frost had come and winter was coming, so the meat would stay fresh longer in nature's refrigerator". In hunting societies, the "Wild Hunt" was abroad, and the tribe was more dependent upon their hunters for food, as the plants were becoming dormant for the winter.

This holiday marks the time when the souls of all who have died throughout the year pass over to the other side, and all the who will be born in the next year come into our ourworld. Celebrations are oriented toward mounrning and letting go those who have died, esxpecially those who have died in the past year. There is also a general rememberbance on one's ancestors, with the telling of the family stories, personal histories, and coven lore, This is the time of the year when the veil between the worlds is thin. "Magick can be very strong and extremely effective."

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Taken on October 31, 2010