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Brown Wall with Pipes and Worn Paper Figures, Fremont District

Brown Wall with Pipes and Worn Paper Figures, Fremont District. Seattle, Washington. May 5, 2012. © Copyright 2012 G Dan Mitchell - all rights reserved.


Worn paper figures glued to a brown wall with pipes and conduit, Fremont District, Seattle Washington.


This was one of the first photographs I made on my early May visit to the Fremont district of Seattle with a group on a "Seattle Photowalk" between Fremont and the Gas Works Park. Although they were going to make an evening of it, I was only able to join them for about an hour - but it turned out to be a productive hour as I came back with nearly a dozen photographs that I like.


Once I got in the spirit of the place, I found the visual opportunities in Fremont to be quite interesting. There is a lot of the expected urban funkiness, with old buildings, small business crammed in odd corners, old structures, a waterfront, bridges overhead, and a few truly odd features such as the Lenin statue where the group met up. It is the sort of place I might initially look at and wonder what I'm going to shoot, only to discover ten minutes later that there almost more potential subjects than I know what to do with. This section of a brown wall was one of my first subjects. Initially the interesting pattern of crisscrossing conduit and pipes caught my attention, but when I looked closer I noticed the remnants of what might have been a small collection of paper figures glued to the wall.


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Taken on May 5, 2012