GW NeXT Computer Collection
When Steve Jobs left Apple in the eighties, he started NeXT with the plan to create the software innovations Apple did not want to do. Then he found out no computer was available to support those innovations, so NeXT also created stunning and innovative hardware. NeXT was a technological marvel, but not a commercial success for several reasons. But when Apple bought NeXT in 1996 and the NeXT innovators took over parts of Apple from the inside, the result was Mac OS X and all that made that possible, including today's iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Images of my collection of NeXT stuff (hardware, documentation, marketing materials, publications, etc.).

Distortions of the images are generally due to the camera, not the material itself. Practically all images can be downloaded in full (5 megapixel) size for fine details.

The GW NeXT Info set contains some images and movies of the NeXTdimension Turbo Cube running on one of the Megapixel displays and on a LaCie Photon20Vision LCD monitor.
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