Restore of Woman with camera

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    Restore of
    - Portata in bianco e nero
    - Sfocata
    - Corretti i graffi e le macchie con il timbro clone/pennello correttivo
    - Aggiustati i livelli
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------- --------
    - Moved to B&W
    - Blurred
    - Corrected scratches and stains with clone stamp/healing brush
    - Adjusted levels

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    1. 1davidstella 73 months ago | reply

      Your fantastic photo deserves another Ruby

      Please tag your photo RubyPhotographer

    2. empyrean_squire 73 months ago | reply

      Score 8/10 (from the Score Me! group)

      Nice job, that's beautiful

    3. nlowephotography 73 months ago | reply

      Score 8/10 Great job!

    4. CptRichie 73 months ago | reply

      Score 8/10. Interesting shot.

    5. crystalpix 73 months ago | reply

      Score 8/10 (from the Score Me! group)

    6. jamesbmore 73 months ago | reply

      8/10 well done!

    7. gibbon666666 73 months ago | reply

      excellent restoration, but I prefer the old one! 8/10

    8. ANNA ..... 73 months ago | reply

      uhuhuh....grande lavoro di grafica!!!!

    9. eagle1effi 73 months ago | reply

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    10. eagle1effi 73 months ago | reply

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    11. Gerard van Schip 73 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Photographic Restoration, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    12. Mr. plutonic 73 months ago | reply

      That’s a nice photo!
      Your special photo deserves many Stars from:
      "So… You Want to BE A STAR?"

      seen in the group *So...You Want to BE A STAR*

    13. *Nasty 73 months ago | reply

      RE: Invite not detected

      Greetings, I am one of the Moderators in the Flickr **Brilliant~Eye~Jewels** [INVITED PHOTOS ONLY] group. Please note that in our group, all photos must receive an invite before being posted to the pool. Please would you mind read our Group Rules.
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    14. David A. Goldfarb 69 months ago | reply

      I don't know how many albumen prints you've seen in person, but the image as posted by George Eastman House, except for a little mold, is probably pretty much the way this print looked when it was new. It would never have had the neutral greyscale or the excessive contrast of the "restored" version posted here. The blur in the foreground conceals the signature of the lens used to make the photograph. There is less detail in the "restored" version than in the original.

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