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Empis stercorea (Empididae) - dagger fly/ Rotbraune Tanzfliege | by gbohne
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Empis stercorea (Empididae) - dagger fly/ Rotbraune Tanzfliege

biology: lives in mesophilic forests and hedges, preys on other insects and nectar


Phylum: Arthropoda LATREILLE, 1829 (arthropods, Gliederfüßer)

Subphylum: Hexapoda BLAINVILLE, 1816 (Sechsfüßer)

Class: Insecta LINNAEUS, 1758 (insects, Insekten)

Subclass: Pterygota LAMM, 1888

Infraclass: Neoptera MARTYNOV, 1923

Order: Diptera LINNAEUS, 1758 (true flies, mosquitoes & gnats, Fliegen & Mücken)

Suborder: Brachycera SCHINER, 1862 (Fliegen)

Infraorder: Asilomorpha

Superfamily: Empidoidea

Family: Empididae LATREILLE, 1804 (dagger flies or dance flies, Tanzfliegen)

[det. Rockwolf", 2016, based on this photo]

Subfamily: Empidinae

Genus: Empis LINNAEUS, 1758

Subgenus: Xanthempis BEZZI, 1909

Empis stercorea LINNAEUS, 1761 (Rotbraune Tanzfliege), male


Germany, NE-Hesse, Hessisch-Lichtenau: Hoher Meißner, 550-700m asl., 22.05.2016



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Taken on May 22, 2016