Who is pokeing out of its burrow ? A Silvery Leaf-Cutter Bee

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    Phylum: Arthropoda (arthropods, Gliederfüßer)
    Subphylum: Hexapoda Blainville, 1816
    Class: Insecta LINNAEUS, 1758 (insects, Insekten)
    Subclass: Pterygota LAMM, 1888 (Fluginsekten)
    Infraclass: Neoptera Martynov, 1923 (Neuflügler)
    Order: Hymenoptera Linnaeus, 1758 (bees, ants & wasps, Hautflügler)
    Suborder: Apocrita (Tallienwespen)
    Superfamily: Apoidea Latreille, 1802
    Family: Megachilidae Latreille, 1802 (mason or leafcutter bees, Mauerbienen & Blattschneiderbienen)
    Subfamily: Megachilinae Latreille, 1802 (Bauchsammlerbienen)
    Tribus: Megachilini Latreille, 1802
    Genus: Megachile LATREILLE, 1802

    Germany, Berlin: Park Hasenheide, 30-50m asl., 14.06.2014


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    1. el.gritche 18 months ago | reply

      Megachile gpe dorsalis male.

    2. gbohne 18 months ago | reply

      el.gritche Thank you very much for ID! What do you mean with 'gpe'? I know 'cf.' , but 'gpe' I do not know? Cheers

    3. el.gritche 18 months ago | reply

      Severals close species, and I dont know what you have in your place.
      Further, taxonomy is moving on this gpe.
      I staid with this: www.zobodat.at/pdf/LBB_0044_1_0863-0873.pdf, but normaly a good ref is:
      westpalbees.myspecies.info/taxonomy/term/3751, so ...

    4. gbohne 18 months ago | reply

      el.gritche Thank you for the papers! And, oh, now I see it is a bit more complicated. So it is Megachile leachella variation from Central Europe, hence M. dorsalis. May I give "Megachile cf. leachella" ?

    5. el.gritche 18 months ago | reply

      Yes cf leachella is acceptable.

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