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Operophtera brumata (Geometridae), wingless female | by gbohne
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Operophtera brumata (Geometridae), wingless female

On a misty November noon I found this odd little insect sitting on a wrapped silage (hay) bale .

My first guess was a wingless moth... than

After looking it up and could not find any moth that resembles ...

I thought it could be a terrestrial Caddisfly.. oh what a mistake I realized

thanks to the comments of "flymman13"! And it i sure - now - to be a wingless female Geometer moth!


L: 10-15 mm


Phylum: Arthropoda (arthropods, Gliederfüßer)

Subphylum: Hexapoda BLAINVILLE, 1816

Class: Insecta (insects, Insekten)

Subclass: Pterygota (Fluginsekten)

Infraclass: Neoptera MARTYNOV, 1923


Order: Lepidoptera LINNAEUS, 1758 (butterflies and moths, Schmetterlinge)

Suborder: Glossata

Infraorder: Heteroneura

Superfamily: Geometroidea

Family: Geometridae LEACH, 1815 (geometer moth, Spanner)

[det. „flyman13“, 2013, based on this photo]


Subfamily: Larentiinae DUPONCHEL, 1845

Genus: Operophtera HÜBNER, 1825

Operophtera brumata LINNAEUS, 1758 (Winter Moth, Kleiner Frostspanner), ♀


please compare:

more info:

more info (German):



Germany, Hessen, Kassel: Dönche, ca. 200m asl., 17.11.2013



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Taken on November 17, 2013