Sierra Leone (West Africa)
A description of the interactions of one of Sierra Leone's most famous leaders with other African leaders and Europeans at the time of colonization can be found here.

His direct control or influence encompassed most of the regions of Sierra Leone shown in these slides.

Many of these photos are from the old site of Yagala, now deserted. An interesting description of that site from 1917 follows:

"On my way back I visited a town called Yagala. Its situation is simply marvellous: the last 100 feet or so of the ascent is almost sheer, and on and around great boulders of rocks the houses are built. Houses and rocks are in the most amazing jumble, and unlike anything I have seen elsewhere up-country; the houses are partly built of stone. Some of the view-points are most beautiful: you look across a valley clad with virgin forest to some other height, or you get a wider sweep of open country bounded by shapely hills. I had to enlist the help of a small boy to carry my presents for me, oranges galore, and bananas. I went to visit the old paramount chief, who is blind--a pathetic figure. He lives in this fastness, while his regent resides in the more accessible and modern Kaballa. How the women carry water up the hill in the dry season baffles one: you see children doing it!"

The source for this is here.
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