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AIDS vs. the people : rainbow pride/peace warrior flag, harvey milk plaza, castro, san francisco (2013) | by torbakhopper
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AIDS vs. the people : rainbow pride/peace warrior flag, harvey milk plaza, castro, san francisco (2013)

the ultimate of ironies...




what a lot of straight people don't understand about gay people is that every time we have sex, we have to self-protect against death or risk contracting what was once a mortally crushing disease filled with wasting, humiliation and hardship.


a lot of straight (and now young gay) people never had to live through a war on their sex. instead, they worried about making or creating a life. the diseases like herpes were always a constant threat, but all other sexual stds were manageable, curable or just a minor embarrassment.


but for gay men, especially during the first ten years of the outbreak, sex came with a death-threat attached.


luckily, over time, the disease mutated and watered-down as it moved through human bodies and was beaten down by each individual who fought back but also spread the infection to his brothers.


of course, the pharma corpses (who intentionally created AIDS using jonas salk's work and joined the virus to the "polio" vaccine in order to cripple south africa financially) cashed in and created a hundred billion dollar industry.


and they are so damn smooth, as we'll see in the next five years, as they begin the process of blackmailing the world with the "cure" for south africa.


but we, the people of africa and the rest of the world who were under attack, still survived. it shattered our youths and killed our friends. it reached into our lives and stayed there where it still remains this day -- a very real and horrifying war against homosexuals and blacks.


a lot of people don't know that black women are particularly susceptible to the disease. they have the weakest defenses of all genetic immune systems to resist the disease.


when the world realizes what happened, what will they really do? think about it.


just this week, we celebrated martin luther king jr (a known plagiarist and womanizer whose character has been sterilized for massive public consumption).


one day we'll probably celebrate harvey milk (a known liar and scheming politician who helped drive his own lover to suicide and his co-worker to murder out of hate, and not because he was gay, because he was schemy).


who are our real "heroes"? and who is manufacturing them to roll over the horror of the real wars against the human spirit?


this war is being waged by other humans who are fully engaged in the desperate and shameful businesses of usury, drug addicting others, gaming, pornography and weapons creation.


how much longer will we, as a nation of supposedly FREE people, keep allowing these divisive and dismembering powers to remain in charge of our destiny?


to them, i say only this -- we still survived.

you maimed us, you killed us, you struck us down, you humiliated us, you quarantined us and you made us take your drugs.


one day you will pay for what you did.

your hearts will be punished by being made pure by those around you.

your money and credit will become your coffin and we, the people, will triumph as a whole without fake and idealized heroes.


each one of us will become martin luther king jr with all of his sins and flaws.

we will be human as men and women and transgendered and optional and thoughtful and loving and open.

we will all become harvey milk, and we won't need examples for how to be -- our existence won't just be unanswered questions without direction.


we will face up, and we will acknowledge that we are THE humans.


our diversity is the spectrum of what makes us so amazing. just like a kitchen that needs large quantities of staple goods, without the minuscule portions of the spices and alchemical ingredients, the food is bland and tasteless.


in this life, may the peaceful warrior become the norm!




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Taken on January 9, 2013