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pride is for everyone : harvey milk plaza, castro, san francisco (2012) | by torbakhopper
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pride is for everyone : harvey milk plaza, castro, san francisco (2012)

i'm not good at speaking for others who have voices, but i think it would be pretty cool if this flag were shared by all who agree in the basic considerations of freedom within existence. right now it's for the same right among homosexuals and at the heart of the peaceful struggle that homosexuals are engaged in to achieve social equality without having to hide/sacrifice or be ashamed of one's sexual orientation in relation to others.


some people think that this means a homosexual wants to wave sexuality in other people's faces. and, while i think that repressive restrictions themselves give life to that kind of "in your face" behavior, i also see connections to greatness when people are allowed to be true to the god within.


we are not all the same, nor are we all different. we make conscious choices to separate ourselves from others.


we create those differences and are proud of them.


but pride doesn't have to hurt others.


pride in one's rights to exist are not sinful or a betrayal.


homosexuals are your children, a result of birth itself. and we will be your children's children as well.


so maybe this flag is for everyone who can understand this -- we are different but we're flying together.


so maybe this flag really represents a much bigger group of people than homosexuals. perhaps the rainbow -- a natural phenomenon that rarely occurs but is not to be feared or hated for taking place in our retinas -- would be a great example for these new, friendlier humans who have better things to do than judge the nature of others who are struggling with their own lives.


we can be every color and creed and people and still appreciate life and direction and struggle without taking it out on each other negatively.


power to the rainbow people and warriors!


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Taken on October 7, 2012