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writing on the wall -- if you vote, it's your fault : san francisco (2012) | by torbakhopper
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writing on the wall -- if you vote, it's your fault : san francisco (2012)

voting in the u.s. has long been a fraudulent process.


it's odd that the people of this country haven't really caught on to the different techniques.


indeed, in states like florida, where it was the swing vote in a presidential election, voting fraud is the third biggest grossing industry behind skin cancer/sun screen lotion and tourism.


isn't that fun!? gotta love it.


"An ongoing review of voter registration rolls in Florida has already found almost 100 confirmed non-citizens registered to vote, half of whom voted in at least one previous election; this in a state that decided the 2000 presidential election by slightly more than 500 votes. During the Bush administration, the Justice Department convicted more than a dozen non-citizens of illegally registering and voting in Florida elections. And the state has thousands more possibly unlawful registrations to investigate.


As the Supreme Court said, vote fraud has been present in our elections throughout our entire history. There are individuals who are willing to take advantage when they see an opportunity to steal an election. We need to be sure that every eligible American is able to vote, but we also need to take the steps necessary to ensure the integrity of our election process."


another great tactic is to falsely register actual voters who are illiterate.

in florida, they've had people fill out pizza orders under the pretense that they were registering to vote in an election.


i, for one, have an unopened ballot for the arnold schwarznegger election. my vote was thrown out because of fraud and then my recount vote arrived two days too late to vote.


anyone want to buy it? poor gray davies, ya can't compete against the system if the system wants you done.

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Taken on July 19, 2012