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the story of my first of nine lives, by frisby -- a book by scott richard (2014) | by torbakhopper
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the story of my first of nine lives, by frisby -- a book by scott richard (2014)

this book was a private gift for a friend of mine, who is also the caretaker of frisby, who is really the sweetest, anti-violent cat i've ever met, except for MIA the great.


anyway, they had a housesitter (the housesitter also quite adores frisby so the housesitter was able to read the book and then wanted one for a friend and so the "private nature" of this book became public and why not?!!? it had not occurred to me that it might have a more universal appeal and frisby is such a champion of quietude and subtle grace...


besides, frisby is the most delightful spirit.


she's not terribly smart, but she doesn't ever do anything wrong and she doesn't hurt insects or chase birds. she is like a little buddha cartoon come to life. and she's also very beautiful because all that peacefulness has a rather INNOCENT quality to it, but she's also never been hurt by a human and you can see it in her eyes. her whole life is INJURY free of torture and emotional damage.


such green eyes!


i tell her quite frequently that "everybody loves you!!!" which is a wonderful thing. and true. she has never been hurt by people.


i sometimes wonder how cool we'd be a CREATURE is none of us had ever been so abused by those around us. wouldn't that be weird if murder and hate weren't around us in a spiritual and abstract form at all times?


many years ago in 2007 i attended this dancing event over the mountains from santa barbara in the santa ynez valley. it was one of the focused offshoots from the burning man and they were billing their events as LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE and it was a weekend overnighter campout party.


and i think i felt this way during that weekend. EVERYONE there, every single human was all about PEACE and CONNECTION and a UNITY of spirit. and it was AMAZING. LIVE OAK was like that in the same space. i hope it still is, but it's weird how BAD people SHADOW GOOD PEOPLE and plague their scenes and parties INSTEAD of becoming GOOD THEMSELVES.


instead, they try to sell bad drugs or alcohol or sex.


it's so boring.

and typical

AND NOTHING like that spiritual feeling of CONNECTION AND UNITY to humans one has never met.


FKING amazing feeling.

and how strange we spend so little time cultivating that PEACEFULNESS.


anyway, frisby's eyes are worth looking into. i know she's a cat. and for me, she's not even a familiar (she's not smart enough). i believe in familars and i believe in the spark of life, but i don't always PEOPLEHOOD every creature i meet. PEOPLEHOOD is EVIDENT in the creature. and for the record, not all HUMANS have peoplehood.


peoplehood is a choice.


many humans choose not to be PEOPLE> so stop pretending everyone is a PERSON.



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Uploaded on March 9, 2019