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real loss, 1991 | by torbakhopper
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real loss, 1991

a grieving iraqi is comforted by another



as michael franti says, you can't bomb something into peace



you can't blow up japan or dresden or anything, anybody, anyone without making a bigger monster of the imagination's dark side



the gnostic tradition of not replicating brings attention to the necessity of valuing life and halting the insanity that procreation creates in the human chain.


the big bomb IS coming. in the form of almost invisible attacks. many are already infiltrated and have become incubators. human bombs.


people love looking at horror because it is so often far away, but for me, i secretly know that it could be me feeling that way, too.


no matter what our creed, traditions, arbitrary belief systems, whatever -- gender, orientation, outlook, health, blah, blah, blah -- we still know, in our most embarrassed heart, that the worst of any human is in us or around us, in our family or our neighbors. embedded in the way each of us behave. you and me, too. all the time. we will try to get away with things all the time. especially if we are left to our own devices.


we can't escape this. it is what human is.


in the bible, eve's sexual relationship with the serpent bears offspring which stays in the human lineage as part of the mythical story. indeed, it trickles down via the physical representation of the very CLOTHES of adam & eve, their sexual fall, being passed along to noah as he gets on the magical, mystery ark tour.


so, basically, inherent in the backbone legends of judeo, xian & islam religions is this idea that the serpent still lives inside of us. the apostle paul talks endlessly about this "serpentine" mentality that twists our desires for righteousness and directs them toward "wrong-doing".


well, i think reproducing is wrong-doing.


yep, i just said it. i think there has been a general failure in the spiritual nature of humanity that has been concentrated and directed. but i don't really care about that. that's history and i think the spiritual side of things is more interesting.


by spirit, let me say energetic. what i mean is unharnessed powers or powers that are harnessed (for instance in a human body), but can be used, exorcised and exercised.


the problem with reproducing spirit is that it becomes watered down. traditions that deal with the energetics of magick have noted this for centuries. i think that the way people raise their offspring makes a big difference too in whether the spirit is enhanced or neglected. it is the neglect of parents that creates the loss of spirit, imo


and decades of neglect and consumer-minded attention can lead to the unabated development of a nuclear bomb. and hence, an arms race emerges as a country’s biggest selling product worldwide. which ultimately leads to invisible delivery systems and massive genocide. it also leads to the development of radically unstable magick in the form of corrosive combinations that are then reduced to their most toxic level. you can find these on the periodic table when you get past a certain #


bottom line for me is that i made a career choice to not paint this kind of thing back in 2001. i do wonder if it gives power to the dark side's imagination?


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Taken on September 2, 2009