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i'm good with the blue, scott richard | by torbakhopper
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i'm good with the blue, scott richard

a LOT of news stories that want to sell ratings and race baiting and hatred spout a lot of BULLSHT about the police.



and i know not all police are on the up and up.


but that doesn't mean that i'm their judge and that my citizen responsibilities aren't still in tact and that OWE the system respect and submission when i am called upon.


and as basic lawlessness in SF metropolis escalates, and specifically as more and more white collar/no collar people commit vehicular crimes against their fellow citizens, all i can say is that i wish there was a traffic patrol that went around and gave out $500 dollar tickets to EVERY double-parked vehicle in the city.


including PRIVATE DELIVERY businesses.


i walk the streets all the time and i witness the rage and insanity that comes from this seemingly slight crime. but i've seen people almost die because of it. and i've seen people who want to kill others. at some point, it's going to happen.


in the meantime, those of you with half a brain who don't research any news or the actual stories in the news, you all can keep on complaining about how RABID criminals with weapons and criminal records and crays high illegal drugs ARE VICTIMS, lol.


but they aren't. go here for the research on SF's criminally insane violent offenders who are being lauded with sainthood>>>>


but for me, i'm down with the blue. they work damn hard.


i see them all the time dealing with sht on the streets. i've never once seen a cop with a drawn weapon.


i walk the streets endlessly, too. so believe who want to believe, but the news is selling hate and ratings.


and a hated group of people that are put into the news front are targeted and pulled apart -- by both their fans and their enemies.


believe me, i'm gay and the homosexuals in the u.s. have been DRAGGED through the news for the past five years like nobody's business in the relentless pursuit of marriage equality -- something most gay men don't really even want, we just want to be ourselves.


and the news does what it wants.


i remember when a "friend" of mine said something about "gay entitlement" in reference to how us gays can have sex anytime we want, i turned to him and said, "fk you, man. just cuz you can't get laid doesn't mean being gay is entitling."


and instead of hearing people speak up from my own family (with a few stand out exceptions) and actively take a stance and say that they were over the idea of discriminating and segregating, it was as if new forms of the same form of segregation and discrimination were descending.


in all fairness, i had another friend who was just the opposite -- overly accepting, but still not really understanding things or fully accepting them. and i'm sure that the trans movement is also similar to this where being trans is really something you can only truly know if you are trans. and no matter how supportive you might be, the empathy factor can never be achieved.


so i imagine it is probably the same for the police department. they are a group unto themselves and they are accountable and responsible to the same citizen body. and that's a lot of responsibility.

and it's hard to be set apart and different.


thousands and thousands of police could be doing a bang up job. but now, because of the press, it's all that comes up all the time.


it's like getting a new disease and making the decision to tell everyone about it. i knew a man who came down with MS in his 40s. he chose to be brave about it and share his condition with others.


at first it was great, there was a ton of support and sharing. but after a year or so, it had become the salutation moniker people used with him. every intro or exit was always tinged by concerns for his disease and prognosis and situation. that got really old for him really fast.


but the media doesn't care about the feelings of the people that it wants you to focus on. they don't care at all.

they don't care that their incessant cop stories and CRIME BLOTTER posing as news IS ACTUALLY CREATING THESE EVENTS.


but i do.


i'm tired of the media creating our feelings about freedom.


they don't have the right to encourage people to hate the police.



i'm grateful for the work the police do in our little city that has decided to become a metropolis whether wanted or not.


soon, camera surveillance will be installed everywhere throughout the city. it might take ten years, but it will happen.


CRIME BLOTTER is almost always used to enact this upon developing cities. we have numerous examples of how the surveillance umbrellas have popped up in nyc and london.


so the next time you turn on the "news" listen for how much crime blotter is in the report. you see, crime blotter is not actually news. it's one of the fear creation tactics that is leveraged against cities on the verge of becoming metropoleis.

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Taken on October 2, 2016