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ghetto land adventure : oakland, california (2015) | by torbakhopper
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ghetto land adventure : oakland, california (2015)

i headed across the bay to visit my cousin in the "ghetto land take-over zone" where the new budding hipsters have flown from the city.


my cousin has a difficult time accepting that he's a hipster. he desperately wants to fall outside this category, which might be one of the spurring agents that will leave its mark in his side.


but he longs for a lifestyle that is freer than the american dream provides -- not everybody wants to own a home and have a wife and kids. that's not even a fking dream. it's a wayward nightmare of useless responsibility and overcommitedness to the point of horror!!!!!


he wants extended family and friend families. he wants less materialism and more adventure. and these are things that separate him from standard hipsters.


standard hipsters are usually male and trapped inside a peter pan syndrome -- they want to put growing up off as far and as long as is humanly possible. they want to run around buying toys and showing them off to others. they want to eat and be seen and be at all the right places.


but after enough of them show up at the right places, the right places are no longer right.


anyway, we met at a coffee shop called kilovolt on mandela parkway. it was trafficked by the rarest of creatures -- all of them perfect knock offs of previous hipsters throughout the ages. but very tasteful renditions and recreations.


one way to judge a coffee shop is by the availability of golden brown sugar and tall spoons for stirring your drink -- true signs of people who give a shit about coffee and will probably pull you an incredible latte. which they did -- thanks, kilovolt ladies!!


the hope that hipsters will colonize this part of oakland is a bit far-fetched, but it's so damn optimistic and grand! it's still a trucker's paradise and so close to the port that it'll be interesting to see how long it takes to "gentrify" the hood, which is an odd term since hipsters are generally poor and flighty. i think we need to admit that in the same way banks used nazis, the monied people use hipsters to break down the cultural heavies.


anyway, a bunch of burning man stuff was going on in the american steel studios building and some of the pics are from there.


burning man is splitting up in to factions rather fast it seems -- fire versus light. and this is sad.


burning man was something horrifyingly epic in its hey day ten years ago. it was severe and the political nature of "getting away" was evident.


now it's a sprawling mad party of mayhem and over indulgence. the nutzos have shown up and they just want drugs and deregulation.


will it die a nasty death soon?

will it cause untold regret and disappointment?


there are bugs in the desert this year. oddly. hordes of them.


are they a government weapons delivery system hidden inside and contaminated? are conspiracy theories just that?


hell yes!!!!


but burners are burning up. it's already happening.


just like any community that grows too big.

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Taken on August 21, 2015