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the heart of the matter : dancing rainbow hearts design, torbakhopper, san francisco (2014) | by torbakhopper
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the heart of the matter : dancing rainbow hearts design, torbakhopper, san francisco (2014)

the imaginary characterization of torbakhopper was based on selective experiences that happened to the artist scott richard. so much more happened to scott richard that torbakhopper eventually became his own identity.


selectively choosing the parts of richard's life to assimilate and pursue, torbakhopper became what he ended up being -- a watch dog against bad humans who poison others on purpose.

and then, eventually, after four years of yahoo! tyranny and platform shifts from the quiet stream of drip-by-drip photography with notes to the fast forward tumblr river that kills words and text and makes physical labor the price of every decision. the end result of all of this rendered the new torbakhopper HE DEAD condition.


so, what began here on flickr as a social experiment into the idea of social platforms and cyber sharing, evolved into a podium for sharing community and cultural concerns, beauties and revelations. remember, nine years ago so many things on the internet didn't exist publicly -- myspace, photo-sharing platforms, Facebook, instagram, google's power and influence AND yahoo's for fk's sake!!!!!! and napster had just been killed off. the internet was a baby -- in terms of images and sites and possibilities. it was an uncharted box of emptiness.


and flickr had a dark side where drugs, sex slavery involving women and children, pornography and weapons were evading tax and laws. many people never talk about this. many people don't understand how drug dealing works and how recruits in both secret and military operations work. flickr is a recruiter for all of these black market commodities and to this day is still used for these purposes.


and, like MTv, the power of the original flickr platform was crazy -- pictures and posts were intricately linked. it was a social networking society of creative and interesting people who were actual photographers and finally finding a space to share with one another. what you wrote and how you acted matter as much as your photos and you could connect with people all over the world.


but as the actual platform changed and yahoo! took over flickr, torbakhopper became more and more like a temple dog in south america -- a barking protectorate of the people who could identify the dangerous and disguised people with many faces who sought to infiltrate and destroy. he felt like it was his responsibility to bark at the ones who would sneak into the temple to kill the female and male priests who kept the spirit of art and sharing and friendliness and connection alive and therefore infect the people at large with physical and mental diseases (like global warming).


torbakhopper therefore barked at love, pharmaceutical lords and their subsidiary drug dealers, pedephiles (this is one of the alert words on flickr, FYI), the american medical association, the destroyers of africa and the spreaders/inoculators of HIV and he would've railed against the new fake ebola media drama. he would have barked very loudly about that and encouraged EVERYONE to research things they hear on the news.


most people don't know that less than 8K people have ever even been exposed to ebola. you have to be literally GIVEN ebola in order to contract. and 71% of the people who contract it die. that's HUGE. this is why only 5k people have died since it was "discovered" by a belgium scientist in 1976.


in fact, it saved his career because he wasn't smart enough to cut it, just like charles darwin who fronted for the concept of "evolution" as we think we know it today (which we don't).


this belgium scientist fronted for the development of the virus and then took it to africa and tried it on the locals.


and that's where the five different types of ebola come from -- scientists in europe. do the research. those bastards were literally and provably there in those areas disseminating the diseases. belgium ruled that part of the world and did whatever they wanted to the locals, including testing their laboratory-created ebolas. the ebolas are named after the names of the current territories, naturally, lol.


look it up.


and now, the only way it will spread is if it is introduced into someone. wikipedia says that touching dead people also helps but even the worst kind of living situations (check the hot spots on this) have not fostered or spread the "disease".


ahh, we miss his barking.


he barked a lot about marriage equality and how we needed to remain open-eyed at the same time we learned to treat others better. "yes," he barked. "it is good that gays should be allowed to engineer families and be loved in society and not made to feel suicidal and tortured by sexually uptight and morally rigid assholes who can't accept responsibility for humanity's wide berth of awesomeness.


that is good. that is progress.


but hidden in this process and progress was the corporate interest in engineering "their" own families. he felt that to neglect this highly unstoppable truth was detrimental to any concept of not just democratic truths, but also even the truths of a republic would want to have some kind of early warning on this huge shift in family engineering and the way we imagine children and the future."


torbakhopper's estate recently received some written encouragements from outside sources thanking him for standing at the temple door for so long and surveilling the front door.


and while he didn't receive the nobel peace prize in 2013 for his outstanding conceptual art piece of rebuilding a full-scale reproduction of the world trade center on the outskirts of las vegas and then re-enacting the bombing to see how the buildings actually would fall, he did share many valuable insights into the drug and weapons' trades.


ask a bookie if this isn't truly one of the best ideas ever!!!!


remember the temple. it is our home.


be brave, be true to the idea that life is fast and we can't control it. we don't last, we don't do much in between birth and death, but we do it over and over again.


focus on that.

magic does not come from repetition. neither do spells. know this!!! learn to cast spells by learning to let your magic out. it's inside of you.



-- arbiters for the will of torbakhopper

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Taken on November 11, 2014