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Mixed media acrylic collage on gesso on wood, 24" diameter hemisphere, height 12". €1350

This is a semi-solid wooden hemisphere weighing about 13 kilos, sanded smooth, and prepared with 4 layers of gesso (a chalky underpaint). The paint I use is acrylic and the collaged parts are from books, science manuals and origami paper. I wanted to use the full-moon to create a visually striking effect by painting a round object, in flat paint, on a round surface. Looking at the piece the eye cannot see all the image at one time, a bit like the Moon itself. The term 'Apotheosis' has meanings and references in art, literature and religion, which suited me to use here. From the base of the dome a pool of creation and myth-origin imagery spools out into two stems from which seeds, fruit and flowers sprout, all rising upward. Towards the top the fruits and seeds change into cells and organic religious mutations. In the piece it's my intention to use the form and structure of the ascension in western Christian iconography and morph it into an open-plan biological and secular 'garden of delights'.

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Taken on May 3, 2012