• The Cubbie Dog, which was before 2005 my pregame eatery of choice. You could get a hot dog, fries, and a drink for $3.99. Now out of business.
  • Quizno's Subs, currently my pregame eatery of choice.
  • Location of 2004-???? semi-season tickets (aisle 239).
  • The Addison Red Line stop. When I lived in the south loop, I'd ride the El to this stop to go to Cubs games. Now I walk.
  • Two pizza joints across the street from each other. I watched portions of Games 6 and 7 of the 2003 NLCS here.
  • Waveland Ave. I've ball-hawked here (unsuccesfully). I also stood out here on the street for portions of Games 6 and 7 of the 2003 NLCS.
  • This is where I was standing during the infamous 8th inning collapse during Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS. WGN had set out some TV monitors for fans.
  • I visit this hats and jerseys store a few times each year after games.
  • Clark and Sheffield. This is a fork in the road when I walk to the park: sometimes I go in gate D (Addison and Sheffield), and other times I go in gate F (Addison and Clark).
  • This McDonalds is a common destination for me both before and after games.
  • This is where I sat during Game 4 of the 2004 NLDS.
  • This is where I sat during Game 1 of the 2003 NLCS (upper deck).
  • This is where Daniel Bortnick and I were sitting when the Cubs clinched the Central Division championship in September, 2003.
  • This is where I took in my first Cubs game from the bleachers. I have never sat in the right or center field bleachers.
  • This is where I was standing when Sammy Sosa hit his 60th home run in 1998.
  • This is where I was sitting when they retired Ron Santo's number 10 in 2003 (upper deck).
  • This is where I was sitting during the first game at Wrigley Field after September 11, 2001 (lower deck). I still have a hat from the game with a little flag patch on the side.
  • This is the location of the best concession stand for both the upper and lower decks. It's also where the press box is, and many a time have I seen Harry Carey lead Take Me Out To The Ballgame from here.
  • My dad caught a foul ball hit by former Cubs catcher Scott Servais while he was sitting here (upper deck). I was at the game with him, but had gone for a walk to the other side of the ballpark when it was hit.
  • I have bought five-dollar tickets off of scalpers on multiple occasions on this street corner (after the game has started, of course).
  • I have never figured out why, but there is a White Sox advertisement on the side of this building.
  • This area of the field was patrolled for over a decade by my favorite Cub of all time, Ryne Sandberg.


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A memory map of Wrigley Field and the surrounding area.

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  1. crispyteriyaki 110 months ago | reply

    This is awesome! You're so lucky that you have all those memories.

  2. EGIBERSON 103 months ago | reply

    I lived in Chicago in 1999/2000...can't believe the Cubbie Dog closed...this is like finding out a friend died and you didn't have a chance to say goodbye.

  3. ::::DrewGallantPhotography:::: 97 months ago | reply

    June 26th and 27th we play the rockies i may be from kansas but yea im goin! Already got my tickets! yay! GO CUBS. WS07!

  4. kevin_am_00 97 months ago | reply

    Chicag Cubs = BIG TIME LOSERS !!

    Go White Sox !!

  5. clean_polo 56 months ago | reply

    I love the Wrigleyville neighborhood. Never got a chance to go inside Wrigley Field but I saw it from the street view in right field. The whole neighborhood is awesome though with the bleachers on the roofs of the buildings across the street. I recommend walking around that neighborhood atleast once in your lifetime, especially if you're a baseball fan.

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