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Carmen de Miranda is confused!...

Day 69/365 - the official, PG version.

Also week 2 for 52 portraits


For =Tom='s mega FGR challenge... because it is his last day and I love him tooooooooooooooo!


FGR hoops for today:


Three testimonials:

Emily - as the creative, candid inspiration she is

Maitexu - hmm, tried to write you one but think your testimonial receiving machine may actually be full! (and doesn't that say it all)

=Tom= 'cos he is a complete star!


Six groups:


1. FGR :)


2. Happy Sundays: who wouldn't be happy with a bra on their head?!


3. Funny faces: need I explain?


4. Ugly underwear club: well, isn't that obvious and... see next entry


5. Presents gone wrong: well, here's the twist, the underwear IS the present gone wrong. My loving partner, filled with good intentions (but without me knowing) told his mother how hard it is for me to find nice, fitting bras ('cos I am so flat chested) but that I found lots of nice ones in Hong Kong, presumably 'cos it is a more common issue over there. a) it mortifies that he would tell that to my mother in law - I don't have that kind of relationship with her and b) when she went to Hong Kong, she went out and bought about 5 bras for me (in my super-tiny size). Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo, that is too embarrassing. And as it happens this one was way too plain for me to want to wear it ever, anyway. Bless her heart!


6. (Five) Things you might not know about me:


- I am extremely flat chested and used to cry when going to lingerie shops 'cos I love lingerie so much but the pretty stuff I was dreaming would make me look sexy just didn't come in my size or it made me look and feel stupid!... but it is okay, I have found my peace with my tiny tatas, now, and those who matter seem to like them. Edit: you'll notice I didn't play the 'save the tatas game' 'cos didn't want to draw attention to that part of myself... but seeing Tom take the plunge and expose himself gave me the courage to give it a try, too. Woohoo!


- I once had a butter fight. You know kinda like a water fight, but with butter. We ran all over the college halls, hid in closets to out fox each other (it was just me and my best girl friend) and it lasted for ages and we were very gunky at the end.


- I ate peanut butter and jam muffins for lunch today. I like debaucherous, no cooking, kiddie-home-alone type meals. They make me feel young!


- I am a healer, bonafide can see auras and past lives type of healer.


- I love being barefoot and think shoes, roads, gravel and anything anti-barefeet should be banned. I still walk around barefoot whenever I can including in London, in pooring rain, dodging cars and walking through puddles... oh, hippies!


- Bonus fact ('cos I think the last one was a bit weak): I bought special gluten and dairy free chocolate chip cookies for a friend struggling with allergies and then ate them all on the bus on the way up to see her. I wish I could say that was the only time I did that kind of thing... And the funniest thing is that I always confess as soon as I see them!


Texture by the oh so talented ghostbones.


PS and I continue to work on my portfolio of facial expressions for .Sandhu =)



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