California Institute of Technology Toilet Prototype

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    A prototype of a toilet designed by researchers from the California Institute of Technology (exhibit 30) at the Reinvent the Toilet Fair in Seattle on August 12, 2012. Their toilet system is solar powered and generates hydrogen and electricity.

    ©Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation/Michael Hanson

    1. tileguy86 20 months ago | reply

      The winner yes but it does not look Cheap...Solar Powered means some type of Panel and none of the manufacturers are giving them away. It still utilizes a Standard Toilet made from porcelain. Then you have a lot of residual needs underneath ( this assumes one has a basement??) We also have a Storage Battery....Total cost to set this toilet up in your home??? I estimate nearly 3000.00

      Hardly Cheap!! It is however a Start at looking at alternatives.....More information would be helpful...Like, What are we recovering...Is it a salable product like fertilizer?? What is the life expectancy and how much is the maintenance cost over its lifetime? These are all Questions that should be answered and used to determine future winners!!
      A Great Endeavor and one Only Mr Bill Gates would presume to tackle...I applaud his audacity!!! :o)

    2. bookboffin 20 months ago | reply

      This is going to sound totally dumb, but as I cannot see the labels in this picture, how does it work, and how is this convenient to fit into places such as Africa, and what about the cost of it?

    3. kabopro Films 20 months ago | reply

      Stupid waste of energy and technology... would you think this would be used in the places they don´t have toilets? Just research the simple and ancient system of "dry toilets"... already being used in warm places like Southamerica, Africa and Australia with perfect results. What do these people want to sell us...?

    4. SSG01 20 months ago | reply

      This design is appealing in many ways, including the use of solar power. If the hydrogen could be incorporated into some sort of fuel cell, this device would not only solve waste disposal problems, but could also become a significant source of power. Without the fuel cell, most people would have trouble finding a use for the hydrogen.

    5. marthas_ear 20 months ago | reply

      When the waste can pay for or power the toilet, it is a winning design.

    6. Amaidi1 20 months ago | reply

      Shit works for you!

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