City Goes to the Country!
Over the fall break of Oct. 12-13, the International students had the opportunity to do something that many of them never thought they would get to do—ride horses! The students went to Southern Cross Dude Ranch in Madison, GA for the experience of a lifetime. Some of our students are from the northern region of China, near Inner Mongolia for example, where there is some opportunity to ride horses, but for the most part our students are from large cities with no such prospects.
Each student and chaperone were assigned a horse and had to lead the horse from the corral. They had to brush the horses down and prepare them for their ride, and then they had to get their own saddle. There was a lot of preparation and care given to each horse before and after the ride by the students and chaperones, causing a new appreciation to be given and earned for those who do it on a daily basis.
It was quite a sight to see chaperones Mrs. Brooks, Ms. Whitley, Ms. Caesar, and Mr. Struwe getting on and off the horses but it was a great time for all and one that the students will not soon forget. Coming to school in America has got to be more than just about academics for our International students. Experiential education and life lessons are a part of education that they would never get in China; culturally, it is not a part of their education system. What a blessing for them and our International program to offer this valuable unforgettable experience!
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