Gladiolus italicus
Planted in fall 2011 four corms. No bloom first year but this second year 4 blooms in April and many offset plants. Two plants are just over 2 ft tall and two plants are 1 ft tall with their first blooms open. (I expect they will lengthen as they open.)

The corms shown were juvenile, not bloom size. I wont see the adult corms until this summer's dormancy.

I used this tool to know what features to look at:

Two likely IDs: G. italicus and G. communis. These can be distinguished by the relative length of the anthers and filaments so I took two new photos to show that feature. The anthers are longer than the filaments which indicates G. italicus.

Compare to
Dont those look the same as mine?

Update May 30th: the seed pods ripened. No wings. Angular. This confirms these are G. italicus
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