• Soon to be mine mwahahahahah! Well... not Picasso's, but one of the other million or so FED2s produced in the 50s! :D And before you ask, the wideness of the rangefinder windows and the flat top means it's NOT a Leica. Zorki 1s and FED1s look more like a Leica.
  • "I have discovered photography, now I can die"
    -Pablo Picasso
    Smoking will help you get there - Valentino Paparazzi

Picasso FED2

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Yes that's right, it IS Picasso and he DOES have a FED2 around his neck! How cool is that! :D

"I have discovered photography, now I can die"
-Pablo Picasso

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  1. chdwckvnstrsslhm 96 months ago | reply

    Are we so sure that Picasso isn't a looter?
    He was quoted as saying this once:

    "If there is something to steal, I steal it!."


  2. seriykotik1970 83 months ago | reply

    I just got given one of these-from my mother-in-law- its original owner. Much better than the usual socks and towels or other assorted bric-a-brac I get as presents ! It's got a satisfingly solid feel to it. Looking forward to using it.

  3. Valentino Paparazzi 73 months ago | reply

    "I have discovered photography, now I can die"
    -Pablo Picasso

    And that he did :(

  4. joguerra23 72 months ago | reply

    A Russian Communist camera for a Spanish Communist, how fitting. Did the Russian state send him the camera?

  5. KF 红相机 71 months ago | reply

    probably just bought it himself. soviet cameras were sold in the west through specialist distributors. they were popular as they were cheap! ;)
    a lot of pro photogs always hark back to when they received their first russian built ZENIT SLR when they were 12 or something...

  6. jacks-space 68 months ago | reply

    my favorite artist!!!

  7. Stefan Suarez 65 months ago | reply

    All hail the mighty Fed2!

    Picasso was smart enough to understand that a brand-name camera won't make him a better photographer. That's why he bought a Fed and not a Leica.

    I was choosing among the Russian Rangefinders and discovered two things:
    1. If I really need to choose one, I'll choose the Fed 2.
    2. I don't have to choose one and I want them all! Next on the list is Zorki 4, and Kiev 4 (contax clone)

    I was just looking for a camera, and I found myself immersed in wonderful Russian culture and history spending countless nights researching on Wikipedia and looking at vintage Russian pictures. I can't wait for my Fed 2 to arrive from the mail. I want to see Russia one day.

  8. carloos 63 months ago | reply

    commie artist
    commie camera

  9. seriykotik1970 63 months ago | reply

    Carloos- in what sense was Picasso a Communist?- he certainly knew how to make money from his art.
    And in what sense is the FED a communist camera? Apart from its name. Ok, it was made in the Soviet Union. But it's just a camera, an ideologically neutral object. Surely?

  10. carloos 63 months ago | reply

    sure, most artists were and are politically left handed but communist artists knew well how to make money and sell their stuff, like Le Corbusier - communist ideals, fascist mind. That proves the common inconsistency of the socialism nowadays. It's beautiful to say that all people are equal and should be no differences between, but when it comes to money... we all know. Like a teacher of mine once said, "I agree to share things, but not my things!" I think that says it all (not saying I agree with him).
    The FED, Its an ideologically neutral object ok, but its communist in the way that was made by communists and by their social ideals. The idea that everyone should be able to afford a 'leica' isn't that communist? just like the german Trabi is commie... don't you agree that the world would be a better place if everyone could buy a leica? well, soviets did it...

  11. carloos 63 months ago | reply

    I have a FED, a FED 2, a zorki 4 and four different zenits... (not near the Fotoapparat collection but growing) We all know feds are not leicas and zenits are not contax, but they surelly are fun to use, very relliable and have their own personality. also, they were created by an ideal that the expensive ones weren't....
    hope I made my point

  12. ae52poker [deleted] 63 months ago | reply


  13. Selim Ekmen 61 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Paint Comunity, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  14. Photoxic 59 months ago | reply

    very good portrait

  15. VEB Zardoz the Gravyboat 58 months ago | reply

    The camera is a Fed 2.

    There's some material re: Picasso and his photography on these links below, and their supplementary links, that some of you may find interesting?



    As for the argument regarding "commie" cameras, Feds etc... Gjon Mili, Picasso's photographer buddy


    reckoned he chose a russian camera at some time (and converted Mili into the bargain), because the camera (could well have been this Fed?) was so much easier to load than a Leica, and had a much longer rangefinder base, so focussed more accurately (which I think is true, given comparable models in this exact era?... and shows old Pablo was up on the technical side of things).

    Oh, and Gary... I became a pro and was one for years - but my first serious camera was... a Zenit E :-)

    Simply to avoid arguments, I've personally been taking the diplomatic "middle way" recently :-) :-)

    Sharp Dressed Girl

  16. 76 Totters Lane 28 months ago | reply

    Hi, I really love this work -
    would you please add it to TOTAL ART

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  17. Der Kaktuszüchter 8 months ago | reply

    der hat von sich selbst behauptet das er über 50.000 KUNSTWERKE geschaffen hat ! das war kein künstler das war ein fabriksarbeiter und signiermaschiene . ein Freund ist einmal mit ein Bild zu im gekommen und wollte wissen ob es von ihm ist . er konnte es i

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