Protest At Beverly Hills Courthouse Of The Sentancing Of Celine Mahdavi, And Launch Of Life Before License Campaign
This was a protest and media event to highlight the lack of justice in the case of Louis Deliz, hit by DUI SUV driver Celine Mahdavi. She was sentaced to only 90 days community service by Judge Elden S. Fox, who made no effort to restrict Mahdavi's driving privlieges, only her access to bars and liquer stores. Her getting to work is more important than the safety of other road users. She will spend less time doing community service than Louis spent in the hospital, and he may never recover to the same physical ability as before the collision. He was an avid cyclist and bicycle racer of the LaGrange cycling club with aspirations to go professional.

Many cyclists came covered in fake blood, to highlight how it could have been any one of us, and in fact many present had been hit and left in the road before, but were lucky enough to both live and fully recover. After the main speakers it was an open mic to cyclists to talk about the lack of justice on the road or experiences of their own being hit and left by the driver.

This was also the launch of a campaign by Bikeside, headed by Alex Thompson, called Life Before License, aimed at pressing for state legislative change to reduce hit and run cases by creating parity between hit and run punishments and those of the DUI violations drivers are trying to escape by fleeing. To also work toward tougher sentancing of criminal drivers, especially suspensions of driving privleages.
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