LEGO Studio Room
I am working on an awesome LEGO project for Jewkes Brothers Construction's million dollar house to be featured in the Utah Valley Parade of Homes. The parade starts the first weekend of May and I will be building non-stop between now and then.

So the Parade of Homes is over now and was a great sucess! Thousands of people came to see it and it got media coverage in four local news papers and two television news articles.

Thanks go out to my father in law for sharing my vision and supporting this project. Thanks to Dan Parker for his excelent connections, professional LEGO expertiese, and flying out to help me bring it home. Thanks to Matt Martin for his interest in LEGO and hanging out with me during the show. Thanks to everyoe who made coments and notes here. And of course thanks to my beautifull wife, Hollie, for putting up with me and my LEGO obsession.
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