AT-AT Costume Halloween 2005
About a month back, while not thinking about Halloween or Star Wars, the random thought "AT-AT costume" popped into my head. I laughed, but then checked Google to see if anyone had ever made the attempt. I found a smattering of talk about the costumes of the AT-AT pilots, but nothing anywhere about someone trying to be the AT-AT itself, and now I know why. It's really difficult for the average non-carny to fit into the shape of these "All-Terrain Armored Transports," but I felt I had to break new ground and try it. Here's a step-by-step prototype-1 guide of how to turn yourself into an at-least-recognizable, though certainly disproportionate AT-AT, with final pictures of me wearing it at my pals Marc & Amanda's 2005 Halloween party.

I made the whole thing starting Saturday night after the first of several Home Depot shopping sprees, finishing slightly after the party began (8pm) the following Saturday. Having a full time job meant there was no way all of my cooler ideas were going to make it into the final costume in one week (drink holder, arm supports so I could walk as a quadruped, head-mounted snow speeder encircling my legs with a streamer, internal iPod/speaker assembly playing Imperial themes, etc), so I instead pushed to be at the very least a "uniformly crappy AT-AT" by party time.

Most of the AT-AT is made of cardboard, a so-called "CAT-AT Walker" (Cardboard All-Terrain Armored Transport), which is better than the perhaps more fitting acronym I arrived at while considering building this whole thing out of foam.

Obviously I couldn't take any pics of this thing while wearing it, nor could I fit in it in my apartment, so I've had to rely on friends for finished product pics. Marcus has some additional shots at his gallery of the party where I premiered the AT-AT.
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