AT-AT Costume day 7 - go for the legs

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    I think the proportions make it look like some kind of baby AT-AT. I wish I had time to come up with some forearm rods, so I could put some more weight on the front legs. Then I could've walked around as a quadruped. As it was, I had to keep as much weight as possible on my actual legs, and just place the arms down. This is what accounts for the unnatural backwards bend in my "hind" legs.

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    1. bloco ages ago | reply


    2. averyvery ages ago | reply

      You, sir, are my hero.

    3. nicbannon ages ago | reply

      Oh my freakkin' god. I can't even type anymore. He's a freakkin' AT-AT!!

    4. SXN ages ago | reply

      bet it was a huge hit with the ladies, lol... very nice costume

    5. gfixler ages ago | reply

      bloco: thanks! It's not true, but thanks!

      doug_doug: you are too kind. Don't smoke. Stay in school. No means no. Get that rash checked out ASAP. Heed your hero's advice!

      eyeinastoria: don't feel bad. It's impossible to type under the crushing weight of ablative armor footpads!

      SXN: The ladies I roll with loved it! I only hang with the nerdy types who understand my special needs.

    6. JeffrySG ages ago | reply

      May you get infinite Princess Lea booty at Halloween.... !!!!

    7. lobstar28 ages ago | reply

      Wow. That's hardcore.

    8. gfixler ages ago | reply

      JeffrySG: Thank you! Princess Leia's booty occupies all corners of my mind simultaneously, and so to me, it is infinite.

      lobstar28: Here's what's hardcore - over 23,000 views on this image now! I didn't expect that. Thanks!

    9. gfixler ages ago | reply

      I'm glad,! It was fun.

    10. arnd Dewald ages ago | reply

      Cool costume!

    11. gfixler ages ago | reply

      Thanks, arndalarm!

    12. Ashley--Corsair's Boutique ages ago | reply

      holy crap. that is amazing.. seriously.. freakin amazing

    13. augiestyle ages ago | reply

      Next year, get a radio-controlled plane and make it look like a snowspeeder, and have a re-enactment of the "tie the legs up with rope" technique!

      And, if you know any midgets, you can have one dress up as an AT-ST!

    14. rosewithoutathorn84 ages ago | reply

      that's the funniest damn thing! I'm gonna do this someday!

    15. tonythesuperperson ages ago | reply

      Jesus christ - that is awesome!

    16. superrune ages ago | reply

      Fantastic! You should make three more, and do a full scale assault!

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