Chichen Itza Mayan Pyramid

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    One of the 7 new wonders of the world.

    Dominating the center of Chichén is the Temple of Kukulkan (the Maya name for Quetzalcoatl), often referred to as "El Castillo" (the castle). This step pyramid has a ground plan of square terraces with stairways up each of the 4 sides to the temple on top. On the Spring and Fall equinox, at the rising and setting of the sun, the corner of the structure casts a shadow in the shape of a plumed serpent - Kukulcan, or Quetzalcoatl - along the side of the North staircase. On these two days, the shadows from the corner tiers slither down the northern side of the pyramid with the sun's movement.

    1. Fastball95 (Steve Leach) 86 months ago | reply

      I was there in the early 80's and was totally amazed by the ability the Mayans had for building, astronomy and these structures that cast the perfect shadows like this.

    2. Fastball95 (Steve Leach) 86 months ago | reply

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    3. peggy. 86 months ago | reply

      fantastic shot! I would love to see this someday... in person, that is :)

      Seen in WICKED AWESOME (?)

    4. bowtoo 86 months ago | reply

      Great perspective, Garrey

      Isn't the texture amazing?

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    5. frustrated.artist 86 months ago | reply

      Good shot! I tried this one also and could not carry it off...

    6. Karen McWhirter 86 months ago | reply

      WOW! Great angle!

    7. purpleflames 86 months ago | reply

      I saw this in Stargate 2 with Macgyver :P
      Or at the ending of Mummy Returns 2 :P

      Seriously, I love the perspective here.
      Those lines are beautiful and the details on the walls are well defined.
      Great capture Garrey.

    8. garreyf 86 months ago | reply

      Thanks everyone!

      Iori..I think this really was in the movie "apocalypto"

      I havent seen the movie yet :)

      If youre ever in cancun Mexico, this is a must see. Incredible.
      Its about 2.5 hour car ride from cancun and one of the 7 new wonders of the world.

    9. Fastball95 (Steve Leach) 86 months ago | reply

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      and yes it or one VERY close to it is in there.
      won't ruin the movie for you, but you will have a different perspective on this structure when you see the movie!

    10. NikonJim 86 months ago | reply

      Very cool shot Garrey. This one might be a good B&W.

    11. Shandchem 86 months ago | reply

      Lovely perspective of this amazing pyramid!

      This photo was seen in WICKED AWESOME, where only the best can be called WICKED AWESOME!

    12. LeszekZadlo 85 months ago | reply

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    13. meg_nicol 78 months ago | reply

      Beautifully captured :-)

      Precious thing of the past.
      "History & Antiquities"

      Celebrating History & Legacy.

    14. carolina mora 76 months ago | reply

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