• LinkSys phone router
    Airport Extreme Base Station (N)
  • 23-inch Cinema Display
  • 17-inch MacBook Pro
  • Classic iSight on goofy stand, since the built-in iSight has trouble with the backlight from the window
  • X-Trac Ripper mouse pad
  • Logitech wireless mouse
  • macally iceKey
  • Elevator stand from Griffin Technology (iCurve2, basically)
  • Wacom 6x4 tablet
  • Dell Personal Laser Printer (connected to AEBS)
  • IKEA desk combination
  • Mirra Chair
  • Bose TriPort headphones for video meetings and such
  • Acoustic foam for podcast recording quality
  • MBox2 for podcast/audio recording with ProTools
  • Bose speakers
  • Bose subwoofer
  • Bose speaker volume/mute controller
  • Two LaCie FW800 drives (one 160, one 320GB)
  • IKEA filing cabinet
  • Hiding on top of the cabinet, under the desk: 2 WD MyBook 160GB USB2.0 drives connected to the AEBS via AirDisk, 1 LaCie 160GB FW drive, cable modem, Newton 2100
  • Garbage can
  • Miscellaneous cable bins
  • Verizon Wireless broadband access ExpressCard (V740)
  • Apple juice (version 1.0!)
  • Questionable cable mgmt. Authorities have been alerted. - ryanirelan
  • This is nothing compared to under the desk!

Home Office (Early 2006)

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Here is the new setup: flickr.com/photos/garrettmurray/1781918892/

Now that I'm working from home, this is where I do it every day. It's also where we podcast (which explains the acoustic foam on the walls).

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  1. Callander 86 months ago | reply

    What combo ikea desk is that? I love it.. I want to buy the same setup and file cabinet.. I'm so picky but I found the perfect desk.

    Also how much was that chair?

  2. Jay Torres 86 months ago | reply

    Not my workspace, but my desk at home. Updated version here.

  3. garrettmurray 86 months ago | reply

    @Callander: It's actually just a custom configuration I made from various available pieces. It's a long table top and a short one, connected by an adjustable support beam, with T legs on both sides.

    If you have an IKEA near you, you'll see what I mean when you go into the desk section--you can just build your own desk from various components.

  4. Greg Bowers 86 months ago | reply

    @Garrett: yeah, I adored the keyboards... just hated how fast they broke. My current one is a wireless Logitech (S530 Mac), and frankly, it's dreamy.

    And I'll take a snap of my space when I finally get around to clearing off all the bills and empty iced tea bottles. (Speaking of... have you tried irish breakfast tea? as opposed to the english brekky tea.)

  5. elliottcable 86 months ago | reply

    I see no microphone! What on earth?

  6. smadden 86 months ago | reply

    I still say it's creepy that a picture of your desk has garnered over 1600 views. You should move.

  7. garrettmurray 86 months ago | reply

    @elliotcable: The microphones are on stands behind the camera. I'll take another shot soon with the office in podcast mode.

    @smadden: Yeah, I agree.

  8. elliottcable 86 months ago | reply

    Sounds like a plan. Maybe a shot of the big red button you use to switch it from one mode to the other would be cool too!

    It's like ok, time for the podcast. *BLEEP* *whiiiirrrrr as things move around* *creak* *CRACK* Ok, there we go. Ready to record, sir!

  9. !efatima 85 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Emirates Mac, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

  10. mohdamir 85 months ago | reply

    Love your setup! Planning to get an ACD+griffin elevator+external keyboard for my setup, need so save up some $$! :P

  11. ladiesman417 83 months ago | reply

    gday garrett,

    just wondering where u get the stand for the laptop? looks very nice. im planning to do a lil reno for my workspace and dont like the idea of getting a plastic stand.

    nice set up btw.

  12. garrettmurray 83 months ago | reply

    @ladiesmam417: The stand is from Griffin Technology--it's the Elevator stand (the second gen iCurve).

  13. sean dreilinger 83 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called telework / telecommute, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

  14. *phototristan 75 months ago | reply

    Check out my review of the Mirra, and comparing it to the Aeron:
    Mirra vs. Aeron

  15. kunte kinte [deleted] 72 months ago | reply

    Thanks so much for sharing your great MacBook (Pro) photo! I love my MacBook: www.flickr.com/photos/nantekoto/2337643590

  16. alexander ward 72 months ago | reply

    Lefties for the win!

  17. eduardostuart 44 months ago | reply

    very nice. I wish I had a clean room like this.

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