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Chilly Charm

Created for GAME: Janauary Tales.... New Year days of hope at


As the storyteller said, "The gnome's iceblock broke, and they felt a swirl of icecold water around them. It was pulling them down deep into the water to a bright light! They heard a voice..."


The voice, which seemed the very apotheosis of loving wisdom, declared, "It is not your time yet, either of you. You are still needed Back There. You must go back." They felt reluctant to return after meeting this seeming personification of Warm Serenity.


Still. they began turning back in a melancholy fashion, when what to their wondering eyes should appear but a blue fairy, to give each One Wish! The Ice Dragon wished to become as much a real dragon as Pinocchio had become a real boy. The gnome wished to leave loneliness behind and have another adventure with the dragon, who now proclaimed herself to be renamed Nippy.


Were these wishes wise? Well as we shall see, . . .


The gnome was found at Creative Commons-Free Pictures at

The image is by dethstar at


The dragon is mine. (See comments.)


Texture "white xmas" courtesy of pareeerica at

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Taken on January 3, 2012