Elephant Hide parameters

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    1.Thickness - today EH comes in 2 options, 110 GSM and 190 GSM. This review will focus on the 110 GSM only. Although it is a heavy paper (we regard 100 GSM as the border line), it is easy to fold and handle.

    2.Sizes - once again, only two options here: 700X1000mm, and A4. There is no square option, since it is not Origami-related paper. Of course, one can cut any size and shape from 700X1000, but it is a tedious job to prepare 60 identical units for a modular model.

    3.Colors - The palette is very limited - only 7 colors are listed on the site of the manufacture today (15 Nov 2010): White, high White, Ivory, light Brown, light Grey, Charcoal, and Black. On Modulor there are 10 colors, but out of those ten, the two most colorful ones (Dark Blue and Dark Green) are available only at A4 size. In the past there was a bigger variety and I have in my personal stock 14 shades, among them the red and blue which are out of print. The future is no better - after checking with the manufacture, there is no plan to widen the options, and there is no knowledge if there is any stock of the obsolete colors in the official distributors. If one would like to have a special order, it can be done in any color, size and weight wanted, with a minimal order of 5 tons (equal to 64,935 sheets of 700X1000 or 727,273 of A4).

    4.Texture - smooth, since the paper is laminated; the color is not homogeneous, and has a beautiful marble-like texture. There is a slight, hard to see, difference between the two sides, one of them is a bit more reflective. Every sheet is different. Beside the Black, all colors are transparent to light in some degree. Best for that are the Whites and the light Brown, both have a great effect while back-lighted. Grey and Black are hardly transparent, if at all.

    5. Aging - without acid, and with the special treatment this paper goes through, time flows slowly near this paper. I have few models that are 2 years old - and they look just as new. The manufacture is proud at this product durability. Do remember it is used for book binding, which meant to last.

    6.Memory - perfect score here. You make a crease, and it stays, seems forever. The creases are sharp, and unfolded creases will create a long bump in the paper, easy to feel by touch. 10 out of 10!

    7.Forgiveness - Reversing a fold is easy as tearing up a tissue paper, if you go with the fibers. It is a bit harder at a perpendicular angle. To err is human, and to forgive - divine. If a crease is done a mere millimeter from place, one can easily create a new one in the right place, and even uncrease the first one with a determined fingernail. Score here is 7 out of 10.

    8.Strength - this paper is made to last. Bend it, force it, stretch it, reverse it, and again, and there is no visible sign of fatigue. To check the strength I used a Reverse Fold test - reverse a mountain fold to a valley, and repeat again and again, using fingernails for a sharp crease. At 90 times it got ripples. At 300 times I said enough. For comparison, a Kami was rippled after 9 times and tear apart at 27 times. 10 out of 10!

    9.Tear and Wear - if you do have a tiny tear in the paper, there is no need to be alarmed. It won’t spread easily, the paper is enhanced in some way and it seems to be tearing resistant. If it does happen, the fibers can hardly be seen at the torn edge.

    10.Tensile strength - this may be a sub category of strength, and it is valued just the same. Curved crease are held beautifully, as seen in the PowerPuff unit.

    11.Where to buy -
    a.Modulor (Europe, Germany) have a nice site, easy to handle and interact: www.modulor.de/ .
    b.You can get 6 of the colors at Kim`s Crane (USA) internet shop (kimscrane.com), with 8 sheets limit per order.
    c.Paper Jade sells the same color palette. paperjade.com/product_info.php?products_id=772
    d.There are some in Singapore in Fancy Paper, but go to the warehouse to get 700X1000 size (No. 120 Genting Lane, Singapore 349571, Tel : 6748 1268)
    e.In the UK there is Shepherds. See it here: www.falkiners.com/

    1. evi binzinger 76 months ago | reply

      here you can find more colors of elephant hide paper (elefantenhaut) in small sizes, 15 x 15 cm and 10 x 10 cm: orange, red, yellow, ...

    2. garibi ilan 76 months ago | reply

      well, i am not so sure it is EH!
      it is Elephantenhaut, but Zanders call their product: Elefantenhaut, with an f and not ph!!
      the GSM is 125, and i think there is either 130 or 110 gsm only. but it does look nice.
      i sent them an email asking for some information about this paper, but they have never replied!

    3. evi binzinger 76 months ago | reply

      the "f" comes from the new spelling reform, which we had (unfortunately!) some years ago in germany. i won't get used to it anymore. in many words "ph" is written with "f" now, instead.

      sorry, that they didn't answer. i'll try to contact them too, since i'm also interested, if there is a connection between zanders and floreus.

    4. evi binzinger 76 months ago | reply

      by the way, the paper also comes in 125 and 190 grm called "elefantenhaut graphic" on zander's website www.zanders.com/catalogue.... there are also parameters listet on their site in german language.
      in the meanwhile i received an answer from paper frog called floreus. they actually do sell original elephant hide from zanders in yellow, red and orange, in 10 x 10 and 15 x 15 cm, as i mentioned already. they also have white and chamois in 20 x 20 cm.

    5. love20075 68 months ago | reply


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