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Ada Deane - Spirit Photographer c.1920 | by Gargantuan Sound
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Ada Deane - Spirit Photographer c.1920

Mrs. Ada Emma Deane - Infamous Spirit Photographer.


Soon after discovering her photographic skills Ada travelled from her North London home to Birmingham to meet with Mr. Fred Barlow to submit herself to some tests. Mr Barlow had given Mrs. Deane a packet of glass photographic plates a couple of weeks previous to their liaison in order for her to "pre-magnetize" them. After seeing her expose the pictures and then develop the images Mr. Barlow commented that "it appears as though the plates in some peculiar way became impregnated with the sensitive's aural or psychic emanations".


However a final plate was taken by Fred Barlow on his own half plate camera using his own photographic plate of his wife, Ada's daughter Violet, Ada and Fred himself. He arranged the group, took the picture and developed the plate and upon seeing the negative image he saw Ada Deane's drapped spirit guide "Bessie" appear above her whilst above her daughter Violet Deane her spirit guide "Stella" also appeared.


Gelatin silver photograph, c.1920.


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Taken circa 1920