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Inspiration...(explored! Thanks!) | by GarenT Photography
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Inspiration...(explored! Thanks!)

Over the weekend we had the pleasure of getting to view 70 hand printed images of Ansel Adams'. This was part of his Museum collection, of which he said contains his greatest work. Now that I am a photographer I think viewing the images took on a whole new dimension. I began viewing each image, just like most people, letting the Ansel, the artist, speak to me, and tell me a story in each print. This used to be where it stopped and I would walk on to the next image! Now, though I took time in front of each image to dissect what Ansel the Photographer and developer, was doing to tell that story!! I watched as he used the lines of nature to lead my eye, and composed ever so perfectly to include only what he wanted me to see. I saw very easily now, how he dodged and burned, just as I do in the digital darkroom, to pull my attention away from and towards certain parts of the photograph! I saw the common trait of depth in so many of his images that created a real sense of being there with strong fore, middle and background elements that were combined so seemlessly that that you didn't even realize it until you looked for it, the depth was staggering to me!!


As we left and as I assessed my own work, I saw parts that I needed to expand on and parts that needed to be reigned in. The creation of depth was one area I knew I needed to focus on after reviewing images in my thin portfolio, so as I went out shooting that afternoon(I mean how can you go to an Ansel Adams showing and NOT want to go out shooting afterwords!) I went out with fresh inspiration and a willingness to grow!


All that to say, that this was inspired by that showing and my aim to bring foreground, middle ground, and background into a more harmonious state in my work going forward!! Not only did I like the cool/warm contrast of the ice, and sunset lit trees in the BG, but I liked how the straight lines of the OOF cattails in the foreground pull you straight up the frame to explore the rest of the image...Sorry for the long post but I had a lot to say and I hope you enjoy the outcome and will join me on the journey as I search for more depth and feeling in my images...



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Taken on January 7, 2012