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Peace On Earth Through Communication (210/365) | by Gamma Infinity
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Peace On Earth Through Communication (210/365)

I'm a completely hopeless radio junkie. I never stopped being a 4-year-old with wide-eyed excitement over the idea of waves in the ether. I still get amazed when someone else's voice comes out of the little box at all.


I was looking at Keith Olbermann's commentaries on TV. He did the yearly special show where they run them all together in one glorious rage against the machine. But in the aggregate, they are depressing. We are just not doing very well.


Olbermann's right, most of the time anyway. If ratings and chatter on the Internets are any indicators, plenty of people are watching and agreeing. Why doesn't it translate into any improvement in our country's dire situation?


It's because our leaders have learned to distract and conquer. They're counting on us to stay comfortably apathetic and well entertained, so we won't question the whole sorry lot of them, Demopublican and Republicratic.


There's a lot of talk around this time of year of peace on Earth, good will, redemption, new beginnings, spiritual renewal, and human progress. But it seems only too obvious that the only way for 2008 to be any better than this wretched year is for the people to take back the airwaves that they legally own, and start conversing about something besides Britney's sex life again. The big media are not your friends.


Let's get talking.


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Taken on December 22, 2007