• Haven't seen that before, very nice. - worker201
  • good attention to detail. - ~Chrispy~
  • "Strewth mate, did ya go 'n forgot to shut the bloody doors again? That's the second patient we lost this week." - Lego Monster
  • "Sorry Bruce, I can't help it, I'm from New Zealand." - Lego Monster
  • Hahah. - J5N
  • seconded! i used the swithcher base for a pilot of monopost myself, but this useage is really sneaky! =P - OrigamiFanPete

Qld Ambulance - Nissan

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No, it should not have the warning lights.


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  1. J5N 106 months ago | reply

    Oh 5-wide, very nice. Also very accurate, given the scale restraints.

  2. worker201 106 months ago | reply

    What is that thing going from the fender up the windscreen? Looks like an airhose or a periscope or something.

  3. J5N 106 months ago | reply

    It's a snorkel exhaust, found on many off-road vehicles.

  4. cjedwards47 106 months ago | reply

    It looks like a snorkel. No, seriously.

    Aw, I was beaten to the punch. I was so proud, because I just learned about snorkels last week.

  5. NIRDIAN 106 months ago | reply

    This looks great!

    Butte... not to sound like a critic or anything... eh, but it looks like it can't hold a driver... Aft is roomy... but that's of little use when the thing aint going anywhere... :/

  6. Buster® 106 months ago | reply

    looks great! I'm appreciating you train heads and your attention to detail more and more these days. The stripes are great!
    I get the snorkle, but whats with the droid arm on the fender? I cant tell from the ref pic,

  7. gambort 106 months ago | reply

    ^^ OK. This is to head off future comments of the sort. You were polite so you won't get mocked but...

    I don't care that it doesn't hold a driver. I really don't. I haven't since I was a child. If I can fit a driver and not sacrifice the look I will but I'm not a child and I rarely play with my toys.

    ^ The droid arm is suffering from brewers droop in the pic but it's meant to represent a radio antenna.

  8. Ricecracker. 106 months ago | reply

    Would a black droid arm not look better? Very nicely done, BTW. I really love the light bar that doesn't have lights, and the stripes going across, but I don't like the gap that the yellow cheese creates, could you use a 1x1 plate with a 1x1 tile on top?

  9. gambort 106 months ago | reply

    Black would be more confusing IMO. Tile and plate wouldn't give the clean surface that the cheese slope has. Which is why I used the cheese slope.

  10. Shannon Ocean 106 months ago | reply

    This is so adorable. I'm assuming it's croc-proof?

  11. gambort 106 months ago | reply

    Maybe that's what the snorkle is for ;)

  12. Mad physicist 106 months ago | reply

    It is no secret that I like ambulances and it's great to see one from down under. At a first glance it looked a bit odd to me, so I've taken a look at the reference picture. I should have known better. It's a bout as close to the real thing as you can get it on this scale. The red and white pattern on the sides is truly excellent.

  13. Obxcrew [deleted] 106 months ago | reply

    This looks really great, Tim. I love the front end, especially the bull bar and the snorkel.

  14. gambort 106 months ago | reply

    Thanks all.

    ^ The bullbar is actually some heavy SNOTwork. I challenge anyone to work it out.

  15. Obxcrew [deleted] 106 months ago | reply

    I'll take your word for it. ;-)

  16. DARKspawn 105 months ago | reply

    Awesome, can't believe I missed this one, great representation

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