• Her pleasure. - Slice151
  • Speak for yourself... - Ѕolo
  • Grabby. - legovaughan
  • Pokey. - legovaughan
  • If only more people shared your powers of perception... seriously
  • Just a community service announcement for those without wrench parts or spears. =) - legovaughan
  • You really shouldn't have had to do that... but it's probably good you did. It's a sad world.

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Slightly more obvious guide

NB a lot of your questions can be answered very easily: The less you do from this list, the more likely you are to be removed from the pool. It's really that simple.

Incidentally, as some builder's may have noticed I'm quite precious about the wrench/spear combination. If you look at the pool you can see that it is a defining feature of most photographs which lends a nice cohesion to the photographs. Thus precious ;)

I will no longer be responding to caveracers. They've had their day and it is not today.

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  1. Star-Screamer 66 months ago | reply

    not kidding. i have all reqierments wrench.spear,steering,ribs and one trans orange round.searched my legos and cant find one.

  2. gambort 66 months ago | reply

    I assume you can read. Practise it in this thread.

  3. Zåçh Ç 66 months ago | reply

    The Grammar Nazi in me is saying "practise" is not a word, Tim.

  4. peterlmorris 66 months ago | reply

    ^It is if you spell it differently. See - colour, defence, aluminium, etc.

    Practice is the American way of spelling it.

  5. Zåçh Ç 66 months ago | reply

    Oh, oops. I never knew that.

  6. gambort 66 months ago | reply

    The Grammar Nazi in you is wrong. We use both: 'practise' is the verb and 'practice' is the noun.

  7. Zåçh Ç 66 months ago | reply

    Okay, thank you for the clarification. I guess my Nazism was off today.

  8. gambort 66 months ago | reply

    Technically it was doubly off... it was (not) a spelling error so you used the wrong Nazi in the first place ;)

  9. Zåçh Ç 66 months ago | reply

    Oops, thats a bit, embarrassing. That's the last time I trust the Nazi's!

    Oh, and if you feel I need a FailStar, go ahead. I dug myself into this one.

  10. gambort 66 months ago | reply

    I reserve FAILstars for hole-diggers. Mistakes are too common but compounded mistakes are amusing.

  11. Hessianizer 66 months ago | reply

    Hey how is the one? Can I add it to the pool? I've never seen many skeletal ones around, so I thought I might make this. By the way I don't have photoshop, so that crappy white background will have to do until I do get it.

  12. maximum442 64 months ago | reply

    Handlebars have to be conected to exoforce robot arm?

  13. maximum442 64 months ago | reply

    ty I will be posting my four caveracers very soon. Im pretty shure all are legal acording to this guide. Please check them. They will be my four first post so easy to find. =)

  14. Feo The Master 58 months ago | reply

    Maybe you should update that to broader terms, because maybe cave racers should be like race cars, with different racers for different tracks. Maybe you should create another form of racer for different tracks. All you have now is formula cr1 and the occasional steampunk racer. I wouldn't mind creating a new type of racer if you're short of ideas.

  15. gambort 58 months ago | reply

    ^ Wrong. Please go away.

  16. Feo The Master 58 months ago | reply

    Well that takes away the whole point of lego. (originality?)

  17. gambort 58 months ago | reply

    You're obviously not very with it so I'll spell it out for you: my idea, my rules. If you want to have your own rules then come up with your own idea. No-one forces you to build a cave racer.

  18. The Brickwasp 56 months ago | reply

    Hey, can you check out my cave racer and see if it's legal? I'm not quite sure with my placement of the grabby.

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