Ice Tree

From a couple years ago. Coming home from the farm and well I though this sumed up the feeling of winter in Ontario.


Best viewed larger here is the link:

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  • Maurizio Agelli 9y

    a surreale and M A G I C atmosphere!

    (1-2-3 Nature)
  • charlie chipman 9y

    i like the tree. the picture i think, can use more contrast. but it was a valiant effort

    -voted as "deleteme" (from Deleteme! group)
  • Charles Kaiser 9y

    Yep, that's winter in Ontario all right. And for reminding me that it's coming right before Thanksgiving Weekend. . .

    Your photo was seen on the Photostream of DeleteMe! Do you use a tripod for your snapshots like I do?. (?)

    -Voted "deleteme2" (by the Delete me! Group)
  • Chris Gallow 9y

    @ckaiserca...sorry did mean to remind you just before the weekend:(
    I love winter!! Yup I'm a little crazy that way.
  • johnsmithsmith 9y

    not great.

    -Voted "deleteme3" (by the Delete me! Group)
  • Eiraq Bøf 9y

    Too positive. And too soft focus for my liking.

    -Voted "deleteme4" (by the Delete me! Group)
  • Su-chan 9y

    It's pretty...but I would have liked it more it didn't have the blur....I think this photo deserves to be sharper..see more detail

  • Tricia Lewis 9y

    Best in medium size where you can't tell it's blurry.

    Know what sums up winter? Dogs playing the the snow.

  • tom gibbs 9y

  • Automatt 9y

    Brrrrrr leaves me cold

    -Voted "deleteme7" (by the Delete me! Group)
  • leroyer 9y

    Too blurry for me.

    -Voted "deleteme8" (by the Delete me! Group)
  • utp. 9y

    Ice Tree? Maybe a larger size so I can actually see the ice on the tree.

    -voted as "deleteme9" (from Deleteme! group)
  • jasohill 9y

    Look what science has wrought!

    -Voted "deleteme10" (by the Delete me! Group)
  • sspyndel 9y

    argh too late. I love it too.. save me2 too late, sorry
  • JaCinto Brewer 9y

    -Voted "deleteme" (by the Delete me! Group)
    I resent that, we can aford better cameras in Canada
  • Chris Gallow 9y

    @Brassy1- You resent my image because you think it was taken with a "crappy" camera, well I find that funny. I took this image with a Nikon D1X with the 17-35mm f2.8 (which was the top DSLR at the time, when the image was taken). I choose to make the image not perfect . A style thing, not equipment quality.
  • lightpainter 9y

    these delete me folks never seem to understand emotion in an image - it's all about sharpness for them. they should go to a museum of classic photographic images and see how many of them are sharp. (not many) anyway, love it just the way it is. the blur helps create the magic.
  • Chris Gallow 9y

    @lightpainter- thanks for the comment. Don't think I will be bothering with delete me any more after this experience. Think you may like this image
    Flower by gallow_chris

    Read the description.
  • Charles Kaiser 9y

    Oh but DM is just to be taken in fun! Sometimes I guess it can be a bit harsh, but don't let it stop you from playing. . .

    Nobody there has liked any of my images yet either, but I have found that I enjoy it anyway.

    I actually found this image quite striking. It just hit me at the wrong time.
  • Kelly Dietz 9y

    Really beautiful!
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