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View Photos From Nick Mann's Studio, installation and opening for his solo show Astral Rise at Gallery Heist.

Gallery Heist is pleased to present Astral Rise, a solo exhibition featuring new works by Nick Mann (Doodles).

An opening reception will be held on Saturday, June 25 2011 from 7-11pm. The exhibition is free and open to the public.

Nick Mann currently lives and works in Oakland California. His work has been shown throughout the world in places ranging from Wellington, New Zealand to Portland, Oregon. His travels have a direct relationship with his artistic practice, as though his artwork is documentation of the spiritual and physical experiences he has while traveling. His lifestyle is intertwined with his art making, obscuring the lines between both. This convergence of lifestyle and practice has placed Mann into the contemporary folk-art movement. Because his work is exhibited in both private and public space, he has been asked to participate in the Living Walls Conference on Street Art and Urbanism in Atlanta, GA for the second consecutive year. Nick has also lectured at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, discussing the process of art making. He has been a recipient of multiple residencies with Together Gallery in Portland, Oregon and Islands Fold in Pender Island, British Columbia.

Mann explores the realm of the subconsciousness, the language of archetypal dreams and universal symbols. Combining an absence of linear perspective and mixed media compositions, he guides the viewer through a primitive, rhythmic, narrative. Doodles’ communicates through the history of symbolic signs, found objects and mysticism. His intentional and emotive distortions of the figure are reminiscent of indigenous Folk Art found in South America, Mexico and Native cultures. There is a constant rhythm pulsing underneath the body of his work resulting in detailed, repetitive patterns throughout the figuration and landscapes. Nick also works in a variety of scale ranging from large outdoor murals to small intricate drawings.

Mann has recently returned from a three-month trip traveling to and throughout Mexico. The experiences of his voyage are translated through his current body of work featured in his upcoming solo show Astral Rise, opening at Gallery Heist on Saturday June 25, 2011.