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Adam Caldwell Solo Exhibition

Saturday October 9, 2010 - Saturday November 6, 2010
Opening Reception: Saturday October 9, 2010 | 7-11PM

Adam Caldwell received his BFA from CCAC in 1998 and has been a part of the full-time faculty at the Academy of Art in San Francisco since 2001. "These Fragments" marks his first solo show of 2010 at Gallery Heist. All works exhibited are oil on canvas.

Adam Caldwell's paintings are manifestations of imaginary spaces drawn from historical locations, scattered with abstractions and figures, and unified by a sense of classicism evident in the exploration of form, color, and composition. Through the collision of left brain objectivity and attention to detail and right brain holistic synthesis, Caldwell presents compositions that are both dynamically complex and classically styled. These two opposing forces have been engrained in his subconsciousness since birth; his mother is a practicing Buddhist while his father was a scientist.

Caldwell's paintings eloquate his knowledge and collection of historical references interbred with symbology and abstraction of form. This synthesis speaks to both the modern and art historical contexts within which Caldwell is able to explore pressing contemporary issues with the reinforcement of repeated history. By using images engrained in the collective human memory, whether socio-political, environmental or downright catastrophic, and coupling them with distinct dream-like symbols, Caldwell is able to weave non-specific narratives that suggest certain themes but leave room for the viewer to fill the voids created for that purpose.