Oct 2009: RE/DIS/COVERY ~ Julie Parrell and Shannon Rayne

Julie Parrell and Shannon Rayne

Performance poets/writers, Julie Parrell and Shannon Rayne come together to share more than just love
of mixing their words with visual mediums. Through a series of text-based mixed media compositions
Shannon and Julie explore and discover the role that drugs/alcohol has in their lives in order to rediscover
their own strengths and ultimately recover. Re/dis/covery challenges assumptions surrounding the
label of weakness often associated with personal addictions, the female gender and with the choice to
stay with alcoholic partners and friends. Re/dis/covery is Shanon and Julie’s fi rst exhibition and presents an exciting opportunity for them to transform their written dialogue into a visual art exhibition.

Gallery Gachet brings together two shows exploring similar themes around addictions, and the relationships they affect. Featuring three diverse female artists and a broad range of disciplines,
this exhibit serves as a platform for both Bernadine Fox to speak out for children of drug addicts using
artistic means, and for performance poets/writers, Julie and Shannon to translate their written discourse
into a progressive multidisciplinary art exhibition.
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