Vinny at the yoke

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    Vinny, 11, is Pilot-in-Command with his mother and me in the backseat, holding on for dear life.

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    The blog entry:
    There's an 11-year old sitting in the pilot's seat

    ADDITION, March 2006: Vincent Thomas Crawford-Schramm, 1994-2006

    1. jmv 115 months ago | reply

      uhm, er, I don't mean to be mean, but is he old enough to look over the instrument panel?!

      [thinking back to age 11, was I even tall enough to reach the car pedals?!]

    2. Gail at Large + Image Legacy 115 months ago | reply

      Nope, he's not tall enough to see over the panel!

      Berit (his mum) and I are terrified! (I couldn't stop laughing)

    3. bosquetango 115 months ago | reply

      Man o man is this funny! That video just made my day. How can anyone watch that and not grin ear to ear! I hope mom has recovered.
      Is Vinny planning to get his pilots license soon?

    4. Gail at Large + Image Legacy 115 months ago | reply

      You know, bosquetango, that was one of the first things Berit asked the instructor... haha!

      In North America it's 16, but they're from Germany, so it could be a different age limit there.

      Berit's hoping she has another five years to talk Vinny out of it!

    5. dulcelife 115 months ago | reply

      You can try all you want but I'm willing to bet Vinny's been bit and infected with the flying bug.

    6. Gail at Large + Image Legacy 110 months ago | reply

      I will present this videoclip at Vinny's memorial in Hamburg, Germany, on March 25th. It will be held at Fuhlsbüttel Airport.

      Clear skies, Vincent Thomas.

    7. jmv 110 months ago | reply

      most sincere condolences

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